Watch Johnny Depp Play Guitar In Concert With Marilyn Manson And Ninja


Johnny Depp is becoming the guitar-playing version of Bill Murray crashing parties. Go to enough concerts, and you just may see Johnny Depp play one song. He played with Willie Nelson in at least two concerts this year, with Willie introducing him as “Johnny over there playin’ the guitar”. Shortly after that, in July, he played “Train Kept a-Rollin” live in concert with Aerosmith. So many scarves you guys.

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Amazon Blog/ Record Customers Pay with Amazon at Cymax this Holiday Season

Record Customers Pay with Amazon at Cymax this Holiday Season

January 31, 2014 Leslie Tutol
Cymax Stores, based in Vancouver, BC, is North America’s largest online only furniture retailer with annual sales that exceeded $100 million in 2013. With over 50,000 furniture SKUs, Cymax is a leader in online sales for all items home and office. Currently #197 on the IR 500, Internet Retailer’s ranking of the Top 500 players in eCommerce, Cymax Stores has big growth goals over the next few years.
Lar Quigley, Director of Corporate Development at Cymax says, “As one of the fastest growing home furnishing e-tailers, we have one of the largest selections of furniture and home decor on the web. We see the potential opportunities in online and mobile sales growing every day. In fact, we saw our biggest day ever this year on Cyber Monday – December 2, 2013.”
Creating the Perfect Customer Experience
Cymax is all about customer experience; their mission is perfection for every buyer. They invest in speedy order processing and friendly customer service to ensure that furniture needs are met to the customer’s satisfaction. Selling on Amazon.com, Cymax has earned 4.6 out of 5 stars in customer feedback over the past year. “Serving our customers well – that’s really what Cymax is about. We want our customers to have the best possible shopping experience, from browsing all the way through to buying. We added Amazon Payments to give millions of Amazon customers an experience they know, trust and even prefer. Plus we love that our customers never have to leave our site.”
In June 2013, Cymax adopted Amazon Payments, and in October, they upgraded to Login and Pay with Amazon, a new offering from Amazon Payments that enables both account creation and easy payments. From the beginning, Amazon Payments became the most preferred payment method on Cymax.com, accounting for over 20% of all orders. When Cymax added Login with Amazon to the experience, new account registrations on Cymax.com tripled. “We’ve been delighted to see more customers register on our site because Login with Amazon is easy and familiar. Having more identified customers means we can better target our marketing campaigns, and grow our sales.”
Increasing Sales
When Cymax added Login and Pay with Amazon, they saw conversion increase. Quigley notes, “The ability to Login and Pay with Amazon simplifies the sales process and makes the overall customer experience run smoothly. The simplified sales process of Login and Pay with Amazon led to a 3.15% increase in conversions after the log-in integration.”
Login and Pay with Amazon continued to add value throughout the holiday season: “We saw a record number of customers Pay with Amazon on our site this holiday season. Customers love the simplicity of logging in with their Amazon account and using the payment and shipping method they already have stored with Amazon. Customers trust Amazon; they know their payment information is secure and we love making it easy for them to buy what they want on our site.”
In the end, Cymax is happy to do what they do best: craft the perfect experience for their customers.
“Amazon’s Login and Pay with Amazon provides a superior experience for our customers and we’re delighted with the results for our business.”

“The simplified sales process of Login and Pay with Amazon led to a 3.15% increase in conversions after the log-in integration.”
“We saw a record number of customers Pay with Amazon on our site this holiday season.”
When Cymax added Login with Amazon to the experience, new account registrations on Cymax.com tripled.
January 31, 2014

Graveyard Crows, poem by Ja Lorian Young (Mythic Poetry Series)

Graveyard Crows, poem by Ja Lorian Young (Mythic Poetry Series).

Graveyard Crows, poem by Ja Lorian Young (Mythic Poetry Series)

Silver Birch Press

by Ja Lorian Young

What is it, do you suppose,
that goes on in the heads of crows
that sit upon the graveyard gate
and patiently commence to wait
for spirits gone awandering;
these crows in solemn pondering.
They sit together, wing to wing,
and sometimes they begin to sing
in cawing cries the living hear
as pestilence upon the ear.
But spirits drifting to and fro
are savvy to the words of crow.

“The leaves are gone, the trees are bare,
a chill has settled on the air
and here we are, past Samhain’s gate
and so the hour has gotten late.
Come on, come on, it’s time to go
if we’re to beat the coming snow!”

But spirits rambling toward the door
are hesitant, all wanting more
of all the things they leave behind
and fearful of what they may find;
what fate awaits them where…

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Kayden Kross Filmed The Porn Star Version Of The Catcalling Video


A few days before Hollamovement’s conversation-starting clip that showed what it’s like for a female to walk around New York City for 10 hours (it also works as a montage of terrible male pickup lines), porn star Kayden Kross made a very different catcalling video. In it, she’s the one who’s throwing out the compliments, including “I’d walk you down the aisle, man” and “hey baby, wanna start a family together?”

It’s called “When Women Cat Call,” which I can almost guarantee was the name of a Skinemax flick from the mid-1990s. Anyway, this is all just the foreplay to SNL hopefully acknowledging the “controversy,” or whatever you want to call it, by having Prince walk down the street and making ALL the men and women pregnant with a sly smirk. Can’t wait.

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